a minor act of defenestration

the sleuth watched from upstairs,a hidden alcove giving them adiscreet viewpoint as a minor act of defenestrationwas committed.the smartphone landed withbarely a sound. gritting their teeth against triskaidekaphobiathey made their way down the thirteen stairs running into the matriarch of the house,an agelast with a blank gaze. she sighed, must you continue this dolor on my home?the sleuth …


the detective doffs his hat,observes the petrichor rich in the air -the window’s left open, careless,it rained last night, a real deluge,someone tells him.he slips into a state of accismus,observes the patterns of the uxoricideto which he was called and askedto solve.some overlord’s hand at work, he thinks,builds a profile,watches for someone to confecttheir story.