settling in

the house is quiet,built after several bitter monthsof designing and planning.every feature is carefullycurated, placed to be clever. sometimes, in the evenings,it settles.floorboards creak undera phantom's step;wind whistles through windows thatneed sealing up. winteris on its way,after all. at night, she settles in withbooks and tea,a teapot perched nine preciseinches away. later still,when it's midnight, …


The letter skims through the slot in the door, drifts to the ground with barely a whisper. It'll stay there all day, and easily for the rest of the night; its intended recipient is out, working late and then going on out to dinner. This is where things have come to: letters sent from a …


Here we are. We are a moment trapped in time, a dream given life. (The dream has yet to become reality.) This is a standoff, not yet the battle of wills it could be, and we are a developing memory. The world moves on around us, taking us with it.

tracing paper

the sketchbook is splayed across the table, thin gauzy papers stacked in a bundle several inches tall.


lightning rattled the old tree on the clifftop, thunder crackling through the air in the worst weather she could have hoped to find. she set the vessel on the ground, hovering it several inches and creating a fire below. this was perfect weather; the conditions were more than ideal for this ritual. the gown she …