Store Update: Now Live

As you might have seen from a post I made last month, I’ve taken up sewing and been busily making scrunchies. (This was a bit of a knock-on from my earlier habit of crochet, which spawned from knitting, which means I wonder what I’m going to start doing next because that’s a lot of needle-and-thread)

I’ve been battering about the notion of starting up my own store, and I was on Etsy but I’ve seen some less-than-great experiences sellers have had there.

So I bought the domain on this blog-space-site – welcome now to !

I will carry on sewing and making things, and writing. I seem to be at my best when I’m making things happen, or conjuring a pile of stuff into something you can use.

The store is open – just hop on over to the Store tab at the top of this page. All prices are in New Zealand dollars and all prices include shipping costs. While this is still a small business, and based on the plan I bought with the domain, it’s best to write shipping details – name and address, etc – in the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page. I hear good things about it doing really cool things if I upgrade later down the line to a fancier plan… for now, we start small.

Out of the scrunchies in stock, I have:

-Oh My Geode (7 in stock)
-Stars Spots and Stripes, Oh My! (7 in stock)
-Well Heeled (7 in stock)
-Pink Lady (7 in stock)

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